Fair Trade is not time for Lets Make A Deal

Everyone knows I am a negotiator but in the case of anything I’m selling for the women in Kenya this is not time for a deal. It will take away from the women and that’s not what Fair Trade is about. She left without buying anything. She wanted a 25% discount.

Think about this before you ask for a deal on fair trade products.

1. How many places in your house do you have running water? That you can actually drink?
2. Do you have a place to go to the bathroom or take a shower?
3. Can you go to the store or a restaurant to buy food?

The women in Kenya that I’m helping have no running water, no kitchens, no bathrooms and food is hard to come by.

That discount she wanted would buy more products and take away from their livelihood.

Fair Trade is not Lets Make A Deal.

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