Give a Double High Five or a High Five for Food Program

Double High Five Food Program

Give us a high five or a double high five every month to feed families in Kenya.

As we are working to grow Baskets and Beads and make it monthly sustainable for the women in Kenya, we need to make sure they have resources for their families so they don’t have to return to prostitution, selling illegal alcohol or picking food from the dumpster.

You can help by a small $5 or $10 monthly donation to the High Five Food Program. $50 a month will feed a family (mom and 4-6 children depending on the number of kids under 12). Most of the women have several children. Providing food packs will help get them sustainable while the business grows.


Food packs include:

Maze Flour (for Ugali)
Chapatti Flour
Green Grams (lentils)
Porridge Flour (for kids)
Cooking Oil
Tea Leaves
Charcoal for cooking
Body Oil
Sanitary Pads (young girls in home)

There are no soup kitchens, free food pantry’s or food stamps/food assistance there. We are working to rent some land so they can plant and grow some of their own food and working on getting more market for their products so eventually they can sustain themselves.

We aren’t asking for big donations. 170 people donating $10 a month will feed all the women in our group every month.

Click on the link to donate  (click on the dropdown on the donate page and select “food pack program”).

This donation is tax deductible! Help us help the women in Kenya and their families.

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